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The Benefits Of Toe Separators

If you’ve ever had a pedicure or your toenails painted at a beauty salon, they’ll have probably used toe separators, to give them better access to your nails. Made of foam, in a bar shape, toe separators do exactly as described—they separate your toes and stop them from bunching together.

Separators and spacers are not just handy for beauticians, however. They can also provide welcome relief if you’re suffering from various issues and ailments relating to your feet.

They can be made of silicone as well as foam, and they can stop existing blisters and corns rubbing against neighbouring toes, which can prove quite painful. They provide relief while worn, though they’re not a cure…once you take them off, the offending blister/callous/corn will be free to be aggravated by your other toes, socks or shoes.

The discomfort from conditions such as hammertoe can be helped by toe separators, which can stop the digits from crushing against each other. Again, they’re too soft to actually realign the bones in your toe, but they can at least reduce friction and give your toes some breathing space.

Obviously, if you’re wearing a separator then putting on your normal shoes, you may find they fit a little tighter, which in itself can cause discomfort. If you wear them with pumps or trainers that are made of softer material and offer a little give, however, you should be fine. Shoehorning your toes into ill-fitting shoes and/or high heels and forcing them into unnatural positions is likely why you have corns or bunions in the first place.

We wouldn’t advise that you wear toe spacers or separators all the time, as eventually, they will cause as many problems as you may hope to ease. They’re also not the best thing for people who experience numbness in their feet, as it would be difficult to know if the separators are cushioning your toes or crushing them.

Some toe spacers are advertised as correctors; however, if the realignment of the bones in your feet or toes is the effect you’re looking for, have a chat with us first. It’s unlikely that the spacers will have any long-lasting effect, but we may be able to help you with alternative treatments.

Everyone has a gait, i.e. a way of walking that’s unique to them. Most of us probably aren’t even aware that they place more weight on one foot than the other, for example, or that they twist one ever so slightly as they walk. It takes years to create these walking habits/patterns, and although toe separators can play their part in addressing problems, they’re more of a remedy than a permanent redress.

When your toes aren’t all bunched together and they’re allowed to spread out a little, they bring greater stability. They also allow you to arch your feet more effectively, which can be good for people with plantar fasciitis. Some research into this condition suggests that constricted blood flow is another element. Toe separators, by spreading the toes out, allow blood to flow more freely around the foot. Improved circulation assists your cells and helps them get to where they need to be much easier, such as those your immune system are responsible for that heal damage your body has endured. Better blood flow, therefore, can benefit most conditions of the foot; however, as we’ve said already, if you’re planning to wear toe spacers or separators on a frequent basis, talk to us first.

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