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In the line of fire…

Not everyone who comes to Treat Your Feet is elderly, infirm or someone with mobility issues. We have many clients who are young, healthy and very active—they’re just experiencing pain in their feet that’s ultimately affecting their day-to-day lives.

For some people, their line of work sees them on their feet for hours and hours at a time. Others develop problems or pain in their feet as a result of an accident or similar trauma.

Person holding their foot, burning in pain

For example, ballet dancers commonly experience terrible pain in their feet during their careers, and certainly when they retire. After years of balancing on their big toes and the level of pressure they put on this joint, they can require surgery to realign these bones when they stop dancing. During their careers, they can’t just stop and rest if their feet sprout blisters, corns or swelling—the show must go on, as they say. Many have to take painkillers to get through shows when the pain is really bad.

Sportspeople and mountaineers are also people who grit their teeth through issues or pain with their feet whilst they’re engaging in their sport or latest challenge. When play is over or they’ve finished their climb, they can feel more pain than when they were on their feet—this tends to motivate them to find a therapist that can help.

You don’t even have to push your body to the extreme to suffer from pain. People who work long hours on their feet can experience lots of discomfort…from waiting/bar staff to carers, from bouncers, doormen and security guards to nurses, from traffic wardens to hairdressers. Most also don’t have the choice of resting their feet up for a few days, as the loss of income they would incur would be too great, particularly in the current economic climate.

Luckily, there are options with most foot problems to relieve the immediate pain. We usually then recommend a treatment plan to try and heal the ailment. Sometimes, the diagnosis carries a cure; however, other times, this isn’t quite as straightforward. Managing the pain through visits, over the counter medicines and specific products designed to ease symptoms, may be the only course of action.

Rather than soldier on in pain, it’s worth having a consultation with us, as you never know what we could do for you. It may be that simple manipulation of the area solves the problem, or that you have something like the start of an ingrowing toenail beginning to make itself known that you don’t recognise (but which we can, instantly!).

If you are experiencing any pain in your feet, give us a call. You can reach the Morley practice on 0113 238 0330 or Wombwell on 01226 492412.


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