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The wonders of bamboo…

Upshot of a collection of bamboo tress.

Socks can be made of all sorts of materials, though some are kinder to your feet than others.

Bamboo, though not abundant in the UK, is rife in many Eastern countries. The material is still to be discovered by many people unaware of the versatility, comfort and beneficial properties that bamboo offers.

Bamboo Socks at Treat Your Feet Wombwell

Bamboo socks feel luxurious

Socks made from bamboo have a wonderful velvety feel about them, which is great for people with sore feet and/or dry skin. Cotton, particularly if it’s been through the washing machine a zillion times, can feel brittle and stiff, whereas bamboo doesn’t (if washed at a low temperature; up to 60C°).

This unique material makes socks feel softer than those made from other fibres. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you put a pair on.

Bamboo socks are breathable

One of the biggest benefits of bamboo socks is their ability to let your feet breathe. They absorb four times more moisture than socks made of other materials, which means they feel less ‘sweaty’ if worn for a period of time.

Because they soak up the sweat naturally produced by active and/or encased feet, they produce less odour.

That air can pass through bamboo socks easily makes them perfect for wear during the summer. However, they’re good at regulating temperature too, which makes them perfect for winter.

Bamboo socks are antibacterial

Bamboo socks aren’t well-liked by bacteria as they contain viscose; this is great news for your feet. You’re less likely to succumb to a fungal infection like athletes’ foot if you wear them regularly.

They’re also good for people with sensitive skin and allergies, as their production doesn’t leave chemicals within the fibres, as opposed to processes associated with socks made from other materials.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material

As mentioned, though we don’t see a lot of bamboo in this country, it flourishes in hotter climates. As a plant, bamboo grows very quickly; therefore, even if it’s cut to make socks and other products, it’s only three or four years before the plant is ready to be harvested again.

It also requires no fertiliser or man-made chemicals to grow, which makes it a sustainable choice for many products and an environmentally friendly material.

Bamboo socks are practical

Maybe they’re no more special in this way than any other sock. However, with all the unique qualities detailed above, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of the imagination to assume bamboo socks would need extra special care when it comes to washing/drying them.

Any fears you may have on this score are unfounded, however, as they’re just as durable and practical as socks made from other materials. That said, and as with most pieces of clothing, if you handwash your bamboo socks in warm water you could extend their lifespan than if you regularly put them in a washing machine at a high temperature.

Because bamboo socks naturally retain moisture, they can take a while to dry. The good news is that they can go in your tumble dryer with the rest of your clothes.

In summary…

Given all the benefits listed above, bamboo socks are ideal for people playing sports and for those amongst us with hyper-sensitive skin/allergies, etc. They make a great gift—and you can feel good too, knowing that you’ve chosen something that’s kind to the environment.


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