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At what point should you contact Treat Your Feet?

Treat your feet location in Wombwell Barnsley

We all experience aches and pains as we get older. Some of us may not even realise how long we’ve put up with discomfort of some kind…we just get up every morning and continue on with our day before putting our feet up at night.

When it comes to our feet, however, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between the general soreness that we may feel from being on them for many hours, and the very real pain of a serious medical condition.

What counts as ‘wear and tear’, so to speak, and when should you consult the professionals?

Given how much time we spend on our feet, and how much ‘hammer’ they receive, for want of a phrase, there’s no benefit in putting off a visit to the podiatrist, if you’re experiencing pain. We’re a species that’s designed to be upright, and mobility issues can therefore have a huge impact on our quality of life.

If you prolong treatment for a condition involving your feet, you could make the problem much, much worse. Eventually, your body may try to compensate—bone spurs could develop or your ligaments may tear, causing great pain.

Here’s when you should definitely get in touch with us…

Short, sharp shocks

If, when you place your weight on your feet/heel (particularly after resting or first thing on a morning), you receive short, sharp pains, like lots of red-hot needles are piercing your veins, make an appointment to get yourself checked over.

There could be a few reasons for this pain, such as nerve damage or plantar fasciitis. There are a range of treatments that can help reduce inflammation within the feet and repair damage to nerves, ligaments or tendons, all of which will be more effective the sooner you seek them out.


Whilst the weather or similarly straightforward reasons could be the cause of your swollen feet—such as being pregnant, diabetes or poor circulation—there are other conditions that may require treatment.

If you notice your feet start to swell and you feel discomfort or pain, give Treat Your Feet a call. Swelling is relatively common but it’s mostly short-lived and a result of pressure; however, if the swelling is prolonged, with seemingly no cause, it could be the sign of something more serious.

Action should be taken immediately if your swollen feet occur at the same time as a sharp headache, nausea/vomiting and/or pains in your stomach.

Change in colour

If the colour of your skin starts to change, this could indicate a blood disorder, circulation problems or disease—all of which should be investigated thoroughly and in a timely manner. If you notice your feet and toes becoming darker in colour, or looking as if they’re bruised, visit a professional straightaway.

Your feet can be a good indicator as to other things going on in your body…no one will think you’re over-reacting if it turns out to be something or nothing—they’d rather be on the safe side.

Cracked skin

This isn’t necessarily linked to a serious underlying condition (although there can be many reasons for perpetually dry skin); however, severely cracked skin on the feet can prove very painful. The cracks, particularly if they bleed, can also allow bacteria to enter the body, which could result in infection.

People with mobility issues and those with problems bending/reaching their feet may need help to moisturise the skin. That’s what we’re here for…we’ll soothe the soreness and make your skin more supple.


Any sudden change in the appearance and flexibility of your feet and how they serve you should be investigated further. In cold weather, though, it may be more difficult to detect if your cold toes are simply cold, or if there’s a more serious issue afoot. On its own, numbness of the feet probably points to a circulatory issue; however, if it’s accompanied by the same numb feeling down either side of your body, seek immediate medical advice.

If the numbness appears to be a more general problem, there are a range of treatments we could apply to relieve any pain or discomfort.

Treat Your Feet can be reached on 01226 492412 (Wombwell) or 0113 238 0330 (Morley).


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