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Do your feet have an unfortunate aroma?

Bad smell on feet

Most likely, you’ll know someone in your family or network of friends who has smelly feet—this may even be you! Smelly feet can give off a fragrance similar to the smell of blue cheese whenever the individual in question removes their shoes and/or socks.

It may be that their smelly feet are a result of their actions, i.e. from exercising, or from being on their feet at work for hours every day. Most of us, once we’ve had a shower and dried our feet and put on a fresh pair of socks, will eliminate the sweat from our soles.

However, for some, their smelly feet become a permanent fixture, i.e. bromodosis.

People with bromodosis suffer from a build-up of sweat in the feet area; this provides a perfect hotbed for bacteria, which, if left to grow, can give off the kind of stale stink we’re all familiar with. Sufferers may find the condition difficult to be rid of; contact Treat Your Feet if you’d like our advice.

There are some things you can do to reduce the occurrence of smelly feet.

Scrub away the sweat

If you’re the type that just dashes in and out of the shower each morning, it may be a good idea to spend longer on your beauty regime, particularly so if your feet make your presence known before people catch sight of you.

Give your feet a good clean all over, with a mild soap. Make sure to clean in-between your toes and use a nailbrush to gently work the soap into your skin. It’s also a good idea to use a pumice stone or similar on the harder skin on your heels, as this is where bacteria likes to sit.

Keep your nails short by cutting them regularly, to prevent dirt and grime collecting underneath.

Fill your wash basket

If you’re someone who keeps their clothes washes to a minimum, it’s time to change habit. Wear a clean pair of socks every day—maybe even change them twice a day if you’ve been exercising or your feet begin to feel damp. Your loved ones will thank you.

Some materials will absorb the sweat from your feet better than others. Socks made from bamboo, cotton and other natural fibres are good, as are towelling socks that people often wear when playing sports.

More alcohol, please…

…on your feet, at least. Alcohol has a drying effect on skin, which can help to soak up the sweat from your feet. Wet the corner of a clean cloth with alcohol and gently rub it across and over your feet. Be careful to avoid any cuts or deep cracks in your skin, though, as the alcohol will sting.

Open to the elements

The more air you can get to your feet, the less likely they will sweat and subsequently smell. Once home for the evening, soak, clean, and dry your feet. Rather than putting on socks or slippers, walk barefoot for a little while and let the air circulate around your lower limbs.

During the day, think about air flow around your feet and choose shoes/footwear that allow your feet to breathe. For the same reason, avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes.

If all else fails

There may be some circumstances in which you need to remove your shoes and/or socks in public. If you’ve done all you can to reduce the smell your feet emanate but there’s still a pungent aroma, carry around a foot spray/deodoriser.

Everyone’s feet sweats. Some people just sweat more than others; hormones and medication can also exacerbate the amount of sweat secreted. The above measures will help you control how smelly your feet become. If it turns into a problem, however, do not hesitate to contact Treat Your Feet for advice.


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